Helllooo.... ladies! whats up?
Some ladies like me are very conscious of how our clothes fit at every curve, we don"t wanna look like we are wearing our granny's night gown hehehe..
No one wants to wear an over-sized blouse or skirt hell no! because of this we want to do anything to make our clothes fit effortlessly  on body and that brings us to our topic of today .The one thing to you need know to get your clothes fit properly is that various steps till the last stitch on that dress leads to a perfectly fitted dress and the one thing you need to do is go through all the steps patiently without complaining *wide grin* i know you feel like knocking me bring it on !
I'have always said that a beautiful outfit starts from cutting and expressing your sewing skills to the best of your ability while seaming that cloth. there are some small small things we do that enhances an outfit and they finally lead to making it fit. Those small small things are......
  • Proper cutting of the material with accurate measurement. ( don't use a size 10 measurement to sew a size 8 mega blunder!).
  • Dart placement. * someone is checking her dictionary already*  Darts are those flattened triangular stuffs you see on your clothes.
  • Ironing every joining made.
  • Marking out your measurements st different point accurately and finally
  • Sewing out the measured areas
 Darts give your clothes shape and its responsible for proper fitting. Below are are different types of darts and where they are used.

Opened- ended Dart

Used in blouses and gowns

Narrow ended Dart
Used in skirts

Breast Dart ( the one by the right side)
Used in blouses and gowns
There's one more dart know as Princess Dart but the picture is not available on this post. Now you know  the one thing you need to do to make your clothes fit properly is not one thing.



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