My life has been a roller coaster since 2015 and just yesterday i realized that i have been on the move since then. I have constantly shuffled between the western and eastern part of Nigeria because i had to go through my NYSC (a one year mandatory service to fatherland), to staying with my brother because i wanted to try out all the ideas in my mind and staying with him gave me a sought of freedom and elasticity, to travelling back and forth while processing my M.SC admission and finally settling in for the program.
I had numerous trips within same axis and one thing i always looked out for when travelling was a place to sew because somehow it has now become a part of me and staying in a place with no access to a sewing machine is just torment to me. So i have been in a new city for about four months now without a sewing machine of my own and somehow i have thrived and that's what inspired this blog post because i have been making a few outfits for myself without having a personal sewing machine.
The first thing i did was to look around for the nearest seamstress and the idea i had was to walk up to her and kindly ask if i could use her machine and i didn't mind paying but i didn't find any and there was a sewing machine where i was putting up before i got a hostel and that served until i moved to my hostel and all hopes of even making a stitch in two weeks was shattered.
When i got to the hostel i got chatty with some ladies and asked if there was any seamstress around but the cold feet response i got from someone who goes there deterred me from going so i stayed hopeless for a while till i remembered a girl who sews and she has her own atelier and in seconds  i put a call across to her and she opened the doors of her office to me. Come to think of it i met her some four years ago while she was sewing and i kept her company and even asked her some questions about her sewing journey.
I never knew i was going to dive into sewing one day and the acquaintance i made with her several years ago paidoff. Sometimes its good to ask for help when stranded, value friendship or acquaintances because you never know who might bail you out and always... always have a goal that no circumstance can defeat...with that when opportunities come up, you will laugh for victory.
Now to the dress i'm wearing i made it out of a yard of fabric i got at 800 naira and i wanted something really simple so i ended up with this.
I have worn it thrice and i think i would wear it to school tomorrow. Come to think of it o...its not been up to four weeks i made this gown and I have worn it almost every week. *covers face* that's what happens when you love a dress so much

I'm planning to buy my sewing machine  hopefully before the end of this month and i can finally be back to posting sewing tutorials and sharing my makes! In other news its a new month and i can't believe the year is running to a finish. 

Have you been in this situation before? How did you quench your sewing thirst pending when you bought your very own sewing machine? Let me know in the comment section.



When i was a child i couldn't wait to grow up and now i'm grown i can't stop wishing for my childhood days when i didn't have any worries. Don't get it twisted am so glad i'm an adult now but some days are so challenging that you just feel like you need a break from life and all the worries it has to offer!

If someone had told me i would be blogging, trying to save up to buy a sewing machine, own a headband line ( please buy from me @kinkwares ), a head full of kinky curls and looking forward to open my own atelier i would have laughed so hard and told the person "sorry you've got the wrong girl" but here i am trying to do all these whilst strutting for happiness.
Life happens and sometimes we don't always grow into the woman we day dreamed about and this at times make us sad. Its not like i have ever been that girl that wanted to be a doctor or a chef or a musician???... At some point i wanted to be a nurse but snapped out of that dream the moment i dissected an animal in my senior secondary school. 
I found myself in love with plants the first time i sat for a departmental lecture and i still do but i wanted something more interesting, a spark, something more than plants and fungi then i found sewing. Its been wonderful being a student in class talking about gene effects on traits of plants and coming over to the blogs to talk about sewing and put up a tutorial or two for you my lovelies. 
Life in your twenties is full of uncertainties, fear of the unknown , confusion, tears, happiness, rebuilding of inner strength and pride, returning to the grains of ethics that identified you as a person of your own and not that girl on the gram you are trying to be.
Life in your twenties is full of adventures, absolute reflection of the inner beauty, metamorphosis of the new you because even you can't believe how broaden your horizon has become. You might second guess yourself at some point when you have decided to follow a path and something in you needs to a break from all the ideas running through your mind. Somedays are so interesting especially when you have just started something new you think would work and some days are so dark cause you feel like you aren't doing anything right. 
Most of the times we in this phase are misunderstood, we tend to withdraw from others and find solace in the ideas written in our diaries and God whom we cry out to early hours of the morning waiting for when he would hear the whispers of our heart and answers us.
Life in your twenties is not a time to quiver and give up NO! its a time to be strong and face you fears in the face damning the consequences for if you give up in the days of trouble your strength is small. Its a time to give your dreams the best of your strength, be your number one cheer leader, take all the risk and if it eventually  fails you would be happy that you even dared to dream!

Life is  a sewing project sometimes a style turns out well and other times it doesn't. Sometimes you even have to cut out a piece of fabric and replace it with another pattern of fabric to bring out the style with the outmost intention that every sewing project that has a beginning has an end, it must be completed  and no dress is meant to be left unfinished. 
This my dearies has been my comfort for the days life doesn't seem so interesting and all i want to do is give up but as you know by now its not even an option! 

Tell me how life has been at your end or how you navigated through the confusion of  THE TWENTIES.

Lots and Love and Sunshine,



Happy new month ladies!
Have you ever had a style fail and ended up not completing that sewing project because everything went south? Well i have experienced this over and over again till i devised a way to get over the grieve of ruining my initial style and getting the motivation to continue sewing. So below are the things you should do when a style goes south!
Don't panic: The first thing everyone does when they've noticed a style fail is panic and trust me that's the wrong thing to do because you just make things worst by getting agitated and might even make more mistakes.

Examine: So after trying not to panic this is the time when you should carefully observe the dress and find out where you went wrong or what step you missed that resulted into the style fail. Am sure at this point the gravity of the style fail would depend whether you should continue with the sewing but quitting is not an option so you must continue ! Can i get an amen?!

Try  fixing it: So no matter how great the fail is, determine it must be fixed and it must turn out fine because in sewing we don't quit till we bring our dream designs to life! So if the pressure of failure is bad instead of whining and crying go wash a pot or and babysit your sister's baby if you have one just do something productive then came back and face fixing the dress squarely!
Change the style: There's a popular say in Nigeria that "every mistake is a style" so if you have tried to fix the dress and it didn't come out as you envisioned, no time to cry over spilled milk just switch the style and adjust it to something unique. 
There's always another hidden style in a main style you copy that? What ever you do just make sure you complete the sewing project by making something wearable and this leads me to the last point which is.....
Resizng the dress and giving it out!  Yes you heard me right!
Sometimes while trying to adjust a style we temper with the measurements and it might not fit properly again so instead of getting angry you can't wear the outfit again just think of one of your friends that has been begging you to sew for her, fit it to her size and give it to her as a gift!  Guess what?  She would love you more!  
These are some tricks i use when a style goes wrong on me. 
Have you experienced a style fail before?Let's get chatty in the comment section! 



Somehow double breasted top came back into fashion and i figured out its just the right time to do a tutorial on it! The trick here is adding extra lapping allowance to the center front part of the dress when cutting. That being established.... let's start!


I can't believe its been almost 2 months since i blogged and sincerely i didn't see it coming. If you follow me on facebook and instagram you would have watched my life update were i talked about returning to school for my second degree and i have not been able to settle down even as i type but i won't wait till i get all settled cos i have missed blogging, am leaving you stranded and its not something i want anything to affect.


How are you and how's life in your side of the world? For me am just here looking for who would take pictures of me with the outfit i made and since i can't find anyone please manage these post without a tutorial ehnnnn....its all still learning naa...

Sometimes when learning to sew or even when we become Pro we just sometimes don't feel like sewing and this is serious cause the joy and enthusiasm we had for sewing just disappears


Forget about the title i was excited when i thought about it *laughs* but i think the real title should have been " foot presser to make zip fixing easier" yea something like that cos am not even satisfied with it sef
P.S. ignore the brown specks on the machine trust me this machine has seen better days!


Hey there!
If there's one thing i'm trying to overcome this year its procrastination but sometimes i feel its winning this war because this post is one week late and somehow i don't have an excuse why its not been up. This post is kinda a series on different dimensions of flare and a shirr is a kind of  flare formed


Happy new month!
I know its more than half of the month but it occurred to me that i didn't wish you a happy new month that's why am doing it now. Hope you've been fine? How's life going? And sewing? Any new challenge? For me its been like a rest time, i even took a trip to northern Nigeria Zaria to be precised and its been cool here but i can't wait to get back to work, school and everything i want to do.


Most people say am weird and i don't believe them and  hope you won't join them by the time you are done reading this post. What ever made them say that i don't know *hands stretched forward* so are 14 random facts about me.


What's Up?
How have you been? Hope you have been having the best time of your life? You know having the time of our lives isn't when things are rosy or perfect...its when we enjoy every victory and endure each failure learning from our mistakes and knowing its a test to make us better individuals so don't bend your head low for a long time over lost battles brace up, plan, work hard, pray and you would smile again.