Thanks for for interest in my blog and partnering with me. This Stitch blog started in 2016, has a fast growing audience from all over the world and is available to brands for sponsorship, collaborations and advertising.

Advertising options
  • Sponsored Post -  Copy written by you subject to editing by me and it will be tagged                                                "SPONSORED".

  • Giveaways - Featuring products or services i would use and recommend to my readers are                               welcomed.

  • Events - Events and its flyers can be publicized on this platform at my discretion.

  • Social Media Holla - Tweets, Instagram pictures/Facebook pictures and mentions via                                              Stitchadress.

  • Product Reviews - Products and services that align with my fancy are welcomed for featured                                     reviews and this will be based on 100% of my sincere opinions.

  • Side Banner -  300 x 270 for a period of 30 days.

If you are interested in the above or more get in touch with me via email  at